Italy is one of my favorite countries in the world. Because of food, people, nature and history. One Saturday morning in July I found a  great deal on ticket to Lamezia Terme in Calabria and decided to go and I was glad I did. Crystal clear waters, almost like in Caribbean, small cosy Italian villages and towns with tiny streets, great restaurants and not so touristic as some northern regions.

Directly from the airport in Lamezia Terme I managed to get transfer with a Czech travel agency to a small town called Santa Domenica, which was my base for upcoming week with walking distance to beautiful beach of Spiagia di Riacci and views on Stromboli vulcano. If you happen to be there, visit a great restaurant Il Piccolo Schiavo with wood-brickoven made pizza and delicious seafood. And their bakery! They do Sicilian arancini and much more!

Every morning I would also go to local baker, visit local shop, buy some mortadella, cheese and fresh big tomatoes. In the evening I would visit the mentioned restaurant almost every day and then enjoy views on Stromboli from my balcony.

Calabria is agricultural region, there is no industry, so waters are very clear. Typical vegetables are red onions and chili peppers, regions is also famous for red wine. It is definitely better than local white wine production, at least from what I had a chance to taste. People here don’t speak much English, so be ready for that.

Aim of this travel was mainly to relax, read, eat and drink wine 🙂 But also “taste” some of the tourist sights that Calabria has to offer, especially in are of famous town of Tropea, where you can get lost in tiny streets and also admire the church Santa Maria dell’Isola above the beach, on of the most picturesque places around. If you stay for a whole day, have an aperitivo on the big terrace at the end of via Indipendenza, where you can enjoy sunset views on Stromboli vulcano.

It is also very convenient to travel around this part of region with trains – they are on time, but only till around 8 pm, when the last train operates. Be sure to buy tickets online before your travel, as they are much cheaper than buying them directly in train.

I will definitely return to explore more of this region in the future, as I’ve seen only a small part of it. But it was enough to get a scence of what it has to offer. What you may admire the most is that is not so crowded and full of tourists like some other regions, especially in July, when Italians are not yet on holiday.



Spiagga di Riacci

Products of Calabria: red onions and chilli peppers