VIDA Statement Bag Beaded and Stitched by VIDA UGNMl

VIDA Statement Bag - Beaded and Stitched by VIDA UGNMl
VIDA Statement Bag - Beaded and Stitched by VIDA
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This uses propTypes as a property on the actual Contacts class instead of a property as part of the createClass definition Object. I think it’s nicer syntax to create class properties so it’s much clearer what are React APIs versus your own on the definition Object.

The getDefaultProps has now changed to just an Object property on the class called defaultProps , as it’s no longer a “get” function, it’s just an Object. I like this syntax as it avoids more React boilerplate, just plain JavaScript.

State is an interesting change, now we’re using constructors the implementation of initial states changes.

We have a getInitialState function, which simply returns an Object of initial states.

The getInitialState function is deceased, and now we declare all state as a simple initialisation property in the constructor , which I think is much more JavaScript-like and less “API” driven.

Using React.createClass will automatically bind this values correctly for us, but changes when using ES6 classes affect this.

Note the onClick declaration with this.handleClick bound. When this method gets called React will apply the right execution context to handleClick .

With ES6 classes this is slightly different, properties of the class do not automatically bind to the React class instance.

There are a few ways we could bind the right context, here’s how we could bind inline:

Alternatively we could change the context of this.handleClick inside the constructor to avoid inline repetition, which may be a better approach if moving to this syntax to avoid touching JSX at all:

React mixins are no longer supported when using React components written in ES6.

With React.createClass we can add mixins to components using a mixins property which takes an Array of available mixins. These then extend the component class.

Mixins aren’t supported in ES6 classes.

Facebook does suggest the future removal of React.createClass completely in favour of ES6 classes - ( source ). For now, use what makes sense, they’re both just syntax with different semantics that do the same thing - they’re both classes!

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Lots of time and effort goes into all my blogs, resources and demos, I'd love if you'd spare a moment to share them!

Google also suggests uploading additional business-specific photos to help customers understand what the business has to offer. For instance, businesses should include images featuring:

Choose a profile photo to represent the business on its Google+ profile. This photo doesn’t need to be the business logo (which is uploaded separately) or the preferred photo.

This image is displayed at the top of a business’ Google+ page, so it should have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Simply upload the official logo so customers can easily identify the business online. Google recommends using square images for business logos.

It’s very important to adhere to Google’s standards if you want the business listing to be as successful as possible. For instance, a restaurant could include a photo of a menu and the sign out front. However, in most instances, Google doesn’t look kindly upon pictures that only feature text.

Businesses should also stay away from the following:

And, of course, it can’t be pornographic in nature, can’t promote hate or incite violence, and can’t involve any sort of invasion of privacy – not that any of these conditions would apply to a respectable business, anyway.

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This post is part of our “Back to the Basics” educational series. Stay tuned as we continue this journey over the coming months.


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ASAP Apartment Finders January 18, 2017

Posted By: JAMES OJO On: In: Education
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The elected executive members of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Students’ Union Government (SUG) have been inaugurated. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Benjamin Ozumba, warned the students’ leaders not to toe the destructive path in order not to jeopardise their future. JAMES OJO (400-Level Mass Communication) reports.

It was a day they all looked forward to, after a keenly contested Students’ Union Government (SUG) elections held in February. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) was agog, last Thursday, when the elected officials of the union were inaugurated.

The Vice-Chancellor (VC), Prof Benjamin Ozumba, in his address, charged the union leaders to live up to the billings.

He said: “What is your aim as SUG leaders? Do you have the aim to pursue whatever you want from the management by violence or by inciting students for demonstrations? I would pray that your passion to serve should become an obligation that sets you on a course of self-sacrifice for the benefit of the entire students. I urge you to support the management in keeping the university at the top of others in the country.”

The VC described students’ unionism as “leadership training ground” for your future leaders, advising the SUG leaders not to tow destructive path in order not to jeopardise their future. He told the union leaders to listen to students’ advice and pursue grievances peacefully.

The Dean of Students’ Affairs (DSA), Prof Uju Umo, who attributed the success recorded in the SUG election to what he called “non-interventionist disposition” of the management in students’ politics, assured the executive members of the management’s support. She urged them to be of good conduct.

Umo, who supervised the election, said: “May I remind you all the elected SUG officials that they are now part of the university administration. You must remember that, to whom much is given much is expected. You must not only be fair to all in your decision-making process, you must also be seen to be fair in all your dealings. You must be open to dialogue and negotiations.

Helping you select an MV* framework


Developers these days are spoiled with choice when it comes to an MV* framework for structuring and organizing their JavaScript web apps.

Backbone, Ember, AngularJS… the list of new and stable solutions continues to grow, but just how do you decide on which to use in a sea of so many options?

To help solve this problem, we created TodoMVC - a project which offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts in most of the popular JavaScript MV* frameworks of today.


These are examples written in pure JavaScript.

These are applications written in programming languages that compile to JavaScript.

These are examples written in JavaScript that we are still evaluating.

TodoMVC is a godsend for helping developers find what well-developed frameworks match their mental model of application architecture.

Modern JavaScript developers realise an MVC framework is essential for managing the complexity of their apps. TodoMVC is a fabulous community contribution that helps developers compare frameworks on the basis of actual project code, not just claims and anecdotes.

TodoMVC is an immensely valuable attempt at a difficult problem - providing a structured way of comparing JS libraries and frameworks. TodoMVC is a lone data point in a sea of conjecture and opinion.

It can be hard to make the leap from hacking together code that works to writing code that`s organized, maintainable, reusable, and a joy to work on. The TodoMVC project does a great job of introducing developers to different approaches to code organization, and to the various libraries that can help them along the way. If you`re trying to get your bearings in the world of client-side application development, the TodoMVC project is a great place to get started.

New in 1.3

Selecting a Framework

Once you've downloaded the latest release and played around with the apps, you'll want to decide on a specific framework to try out.

Study the syntax required for defining models, views and (where applicable) controllers and classes in the frameworks you're interested in and try your hand at editing the code to see how it feels using it first-hand.

Please ensure that if you're happy with this, you do spend more time investigating the framework (including reading the official docs, the source and its complete feature list). There's often a lot more to a framework than what we present in our examples.

Getting Involved

Is there a bug we haven't fixed or an MV* framework you feel would benefit from being included in TodoMVC?

If so, feel free to fork the repo, read our VIDA Statement Bag Love Cool Rocks by VIDA kYxa2R
, and submit a pull request — we'll be happy to review it for inclusion.

Make sure you use the template as a starting point and read the app specification .

Submit Pull Request »

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